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Forex Online Broker Demo Accounts

The majority of all online brokers in forex offer demo or game account for free so you can preview their platform. It is highly recommend to trade forex under one of these demo accounts before ever trading live so that you can gain experience and confidence in your trading.

After you do begin with your real account it is important to begin using very low leverage. The most important focus of a forex trader should always be being mindful of risk.

While learning forex trading pay close attention to the importance of good money management as it is what separates the winners from the losers. Take your time and do not be in a rush to trade a real account until you understand how to make money.

There is no rush to open up a real account until you are ready so take your time trading with a demo. Make sure you are making consistent returns first for at least three months before moving from a simulated trading account to a real one and when you do start trading half the amount of money you plan to be trading.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Forex Home Trader – Facts You Need To Know About Trading Forex

Forex trading (foreign exchange) become the latest trading activity for beginner traders. Some of them see this as an opportunity to earn a living by trading from home as a Forex Home Trader. The foreign exchange market also known as the “Forex” is the trading between different currencies of different countries. This very liquid market only became available online for trading, to the individual private trader in last couple of years.

Every currency has it own three-letter symbol that will represent that country of the currency that is being traded. For example, the Japanese Jen is the JPY and the United Stated dollar is USD. So you will note that these currencies are always quoted as USD/JPN

These trades are facilitated through a Forex broker, with whom you will sign up, in order to get your own online trading account. It is strongly advised that you first sign up for a “Demo” trading account where you can trade currencies in a simulated environment – so none of your own funds will be used in “real time”. This type of account is excellent for developing your own trading strategy and for you to get the feel for the markets; it also prepares you for trading your own funds in a “Live” account. Warning! The degree of discomfort in trading in “Demo” mode varies greatly from “Live” trading as there is quite a difference between trading “cyber money” and trading your own funds “Real time”. Sign up for various “Demo” accounts at various brokers and test drive their online trading software or trading platforms – make sure that you start trading with the software you are most comfortable with, it is only in you own interest!

Be very aware of the following: You can lose some or all your funds in trading the Forex market! This market is extremely fast and some times very volatile! – ensure that you complete at least a comprehensive Forex trading course and try to enlist the help of a seasoned Forex trader that you can use as a mentor, before starting to trade actively in the market. To lose a lot of money in a trade when the market goes against you is not easy, you must be mentally strong to absorb you losses and have the drive to learn out of your mistakes!

Ensure that the broker or Forex Company which you decide to trade through is fully authorized to deal in Forex. In the United States, numerous rigid new laws and regulations regarding the trade of Forex for US citizens are being implemented. If you are searching the internet for a Forex broker, ensure that you read the “fine print” on their brochure, proposal or website – make sure that your company or broker is legal.

Before entering any trade make sure that you did your homework, did you do Fundamental analysis of the markets – take a look at your economic calendar, what are the other countries doing? Will there be announcements that will influence the currency you are going to trade? Did you decide where your entry and exit point will be? Do not forget to set your stop loss! Otherwise your trade can be disastrous for you if the market turns against you and you don’t get out of your trade in time.

Remember that by preparing yourself well before entering any trade in Forex, can only benefit your own pocket, so be informed and enjoy Forex Trading!

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Online Forex Trading Strategies Reviled

The Misunderstood Market “Online Trading Strategies Reviled”

Most people have a basic idea of how the stock market works. You are basically putting your money behind a company that you believe will be profitable and waiting for the moment that your profits are high and you want to pull out. A rudimentary explanation would be to say you are lending money to a company in hopes they will be able to pay you back, and then some.

Most people have heard of forex trading, but don’t really understand it and certainly don’t know how about going about it. Forex is the largest free market in the world, although small individual investors typically do not participate due to a lack of understanding and security.

Forex trading runs a high risk for big profits and large losses. It is a fairly volatile market, but there are a few secrets to forex trading that can help you determine if it’s right for you. Forex trading is a short term profit aim rather than a long haul hopefully as stocks tend to be.

Forex trading is basically just trading money. You trade your shekels in for dollars and your dollars for yen and hopefully come out ahead at the end of the day. Depending on the inconsistent but sharp turns in the market, an online investor can find themselves handsomely in profit at the end of the day.

Three Basic Secrets to Online Forex Trading

There are three very basic secrets to online forex trading. These three strategies are very helpful to the private online investor in reducing some risk and maximizing profits. It is important to recognize that while the secrets offered are not guarantees of success, understanding these strategies will help any online investor carve a faster path toward success.

“Online Forex Trading Strategies Reviled”. There are more in depth strategies available, and by far one of the best independent web sites to gather you investment strategy information is onlinetradingideas. Here you will find a variety of helpful investment strategies as well as independent research and information to guide you on your way.

There is a wide range of forex trading strategies out there. Some apply to the individual online investor while others are geared more toward international firms. All of the strategies are designed to take advantage of the forex trading market’s ability to produce very fast results.

Online Forex Trading Success

The most successful online forex trading strategy is leverage. Leverage allows an individual investor access to more funds than their initial deposit. I know it sounds a little far fetched, but this strategy is implemented by the most successful individual online forex investors on a regular basis.

There is a plethora of information on leveraging liquid assets on onlinetradingideas. Leverage allows an individual investor to utilize funds as much as one hundred times their initial deposit. This is quite exciting and can help even the average online investor pull ahead of the pack. Leverage is the fastest and simplest way to maximize the benefits forex trading offers. It is also the easiest way to maximize the benefits of short term fluctuations in the forex market.

“Online Forex Trading Strategies Reviled” The second most successful forex trading tool is the use of a stop loss order. Stop loss orders allow the online investor to set a predetermined loss margin. Should the currencies you are trading fall below your tolerance level, your order will automatically cease and your losses will be minimal. The drawback to the stop loss order is that with the volatile nature of online forex trading there is always a chance that the currencies will rebound quickly. A stop loss order does not allow for your order to be reinstated when the market returns to a more favorable position.

A stop loss order is the perfect forex investment strategy for the new or beginning investor. While you are still learning the basic secrets to forex trading, you can protect yourself from huge losses while still maximizing your gains.

Many online forex investors also utilize the automatic entry order. Automatic entry orders allow the online forex investor to set a predetermined price they are willing to pay for entry into the forex market. Automatic entry orders are a solid protection for the online forex investor. As fast and convenient as the internet is, your order is not executed the instant you hit the send button. There is enough time for the market to fluctuate from the time your order is placed until it is executed. Automatic entry orders protect you from this fluctuation.

Protecting Yourself from the Wolves “Online Forex Trading Strategies Reviled”

When deciding to look into online forex trading you will be faced with countless websites offering to make you a successful and wealthy online forex trader. Many will offer you a seven day free trial so you can learn while you earn. It takes more than seven days and some special software to create success in the forex trade market. Just like any other highly profitable situation, it takes knowledge and practice and skills that develop over time. You simply can not rush out there into the forex world and quit your job in a week to lounge around in your underwear while mastering online forex investing.

Be exceedingly cautious of any website promising you wealth beyond your wildest dreams if you simple buy their software and become a member of their trading club. Unless Publisher’s Clearing House is on your doorstep handing you one of those big fake cardboard checks, success simply doesn’t come that easily. Otherwise we would have done away with our welfare system years ago because everyone would be wealthy.

As profitable as online forex trading can be, approach it just as you would any other investment venture. Using caution and a bit of skepticism may very well save you some heartache and loss as you enter this exciting world of finance.

Managed Forex Trading

For those who understand the massive profit potential of online forex trading but do not feel they have the skills or perhaps haven’t had the time to learn the skills can opt for a managed forex trading account. They have become quite popular among online investors and most investors admit to feeling more secure with someone else at the reigns.

Managed online forex trading works like any other managed trading account. Your job is to tell your broker what your risk tolerance is and then step back. From there, your broker is responsible for buying and selling currencies on your behalf. Of course, there will be much higher commissions to pay, but they can be well worth it if you want in on the online forex trading action but lack the appropriate knowledge.

Education is the Best Management “Online Forex Trading Strategies Reviled”

Even if you choose to start your online forex trading career by utilizing a broker, there is no replacement for learning everything you can about online forex trading. While the three basic secrets covered here are a good place to start, you will need to expand your horizons regardless.

There are ample website out there looking to sell you the information you think you need, although most of them are really in the business of selling the information rather than forex trading. They will offer you software and downloads and e-books and forums, but they are only interested in your initial registration fee. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few out there who will actually provide you with the information that you are seeking and do it well, but weeding those particular websites out from the mountains of junk sites is a very tall order.

Being able to understand your own financial health is one of the best forms of success. If you know noting about it how can you ever achieve it? Simple, easy to understand, down to earth information is really what you’re looking for. As you progress in your understanding and knowledge you are then looking for a suitable place to expand on the basics. Most of them charge for information websites are simply not looking to provide you with the real materials you need to know where you’re going and how to get there.

That is why on-line-trading-ideas is becoming so popular among internet traders. Regardless of whether you are looking to understand online forex trading or you’re interested in the less volatile online stock trades, this website can empower you to make healthy financial decisions.

You don’t have to fork over your credit card number in order to find out how true these statements are. All you have to do is point your browser and off you go. You owe it to yourself as well as your financial future to discover the information that can be right at your fingertips.

Since you have nothing to lose, why not log on and just check it out for yourself. Once you are there, learn all you can about the online forex trading market. You’ll be glad you did. From there on out you can start to learn what confident, happy forex trading is all about.

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Forex Trading Vs. Commodities – See What You Could Be Missing

Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex) Trading involves determining whether a certain nation’s currency will go up or down compared to another major currency. When you trade in the Forex, you trade currency pairs: Pairs of national currencies which go up or down relative to each other.

When you trade Commodities (anything found naturally in nature or planted) you determine if the price of a certain commodity will go up or down based on whether you believe there will be a good growing season, increased mining prospects, a bad growing season, floods, drought, strikes etc. Mother Nature plays a much stronger role in trading commodities than it does in trading currency. And we all know “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”.

World Events:

As mentioned above, the constant change in weather patterns from year to year can play havoc on the commodities market. If it’s not the weather it could be strikes by miners, new mineral discoveries, dry holes, war or a multitude of different events, all of which can completely change the outlook for commodities. The possibility of good sized gains exists in the commodities market, but the risk of huge losses due to crop failures, etc. is also present. You have to be very careful if you play the commodities market. With currency, the Forex Market can also be affected by worldwide changes, but they typically have a less dramatic effect on your portfolio than what can occur with commodities. Overall the Forex market is the safer bet of the two.

Forex Trading Information Easy to Find:

Information about trading commodities can be fairly difficult to find, especially information which is free. There is an ample amount of information available, but a lot of it is costly to obtain. Forex information is much more accessible and most of it is free. You can also sign up for practice accounts at many Forex sites and actually try your hand at Forex trading without risking your capital. This makes for a great introduction to Forex Trading and lets you know what the possibilities are. These practice accounts in Forex Trading are typically not available in the commodities arena.

Hours of Operation:

The Forex Market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week. There is no other market open this long. If you trade the Forex, you have more opportunities and time to complete your trades and trade again than with commodities or any other market.

Liquidity – Ease of Buying and Selling:

Again, the Forex Market does the most volume as compared to all other markets. If it is going to be easy to buy and sell positions, Forex will be the easiest with all its volume.

Highly Predictable:

Commodity prices can jump all around the board depending on demand, weather, crop percentages planted, oil found or not found, etc. Forex markets are more predictable. Sure, currency prices can fluctuate and become volatile at times, but there is more of a pattern involved with Forex. There are more trends created in Forex that can be followed compared to the commodity market. This can make it easier to be consistent when trading the Forex.

Commission Free Trading and Instantaneous Order Execution:
Because the Forex Market is an open market and has no centralized trading floor, when you trade in the Forex, you don’t pay a middleman. In other words, you don’t pay a commission to trade. Money is made by institutions on the difference between the bid and ask price, but that occurs with any market. The fact that you don’t pay commissions or fees can really save you money in the long run.

Both Commodities Trading and Forex Trading can be exciting and profitable. It is up to the individual investor to decide which is best for their respective situation. With more information available for Forex Trading and with the information being free or very inexpensive, complete with free demo accounts available to practice trading, it’s hard to go wrong with Forex Trading.

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